About Us


Exa22 is an innovative company specializing in the design of modern consumer products, automated sales and IoT systems. We are characterized by multidisciplinary experience in the development of software, electronics and mechanics. Exa22 is based on three main pillars, which are:

  • High competences of a diversified team of engineers
  • Use of the most modern supporting software
  • Practical use of agile management techniques

It results in surprising dynamics and effectiveness of turning customers’ ideas into reality. 

Research and Development (R&D)

The greatest value of Exa22 are people with whom we jointly pursue defined goals. The core of the team are engineers with over 7 years of experience in implementing research and development (R&D) projects.

Exa22 carries out internal research projects, but also participates in clients' projects by sharing its knowledge and experience. We specialize in the fields of:

  • Analog and digital electronics
  • Software and cloud systems
  • Design and optimization of machine structures.

Our portfolio includes participation in research projects such as:

  • "Development of a robotic vending machine for selling frozen desserts, including those produced by the cryogenic method" - Project value:  PLN 3,028,580
  • "Development of an autonomous and automated system for recording and analysis of eddy currents tests for the diagnostics of heat exchanger tubes (AUZAS)" project financed by the EU INNOTECH NCBiR Project value: PLN 4,993,020 
  • "Ultrasonic system for diagnosing the condition of steel fastening anchors in the rock mass - SONAR ”- Project value: PLN 4,554,491

R&D activity is a very important element of Exa22 functioning - it provides the team members the most satisfaction from overcoming new boundaries and broadens their horizons.

The scheme of work

Exa22' mission is to transform the client's vision into real projects. We operate according to a proven scheme that allows prototyping in a dynamic way, reducing the required resources to optimal level:

  • Defining product requirements
  • Design and implementation of a minimum value product (MVP)
  • Prototype presentation and functional tests
  • Pre-Compliance tests in our laboratory
  • Serial design and production documentation
  • Implementation
  • CE Procedure
  • Pilot production
  • Product support and development

A comprehensive approach to device design results in a constantly growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

Our team

Exa22 considers the employees to be the most important as they constitute the main value of the company. On board you will find Engineers with a full range of competences, complementing each other. It is thanks to them that we are able to comprehensively deal with mechatronic design and product launch.

  • Developers using following technologies:
    • C/C++ Embedded
    • Python 
    • QT
    • JavaScript/Node.js
  • CAD Engineers - machine designers
  • Electronics engineers
  • EMC - IEEE / EMC-S (PL) tests specialists
  • Testers, quality controllers
  • Production workers, electricians

Exa22 - About Us