Electronic systems design


Electronic systems design (PCB) on request is Exa22' specialty. We create structures based on ARM processors, expanded with analog measurement and communication systems, which, in combination with our software, create full control systems. 

We are able to prepare a device prototype at any stage of the project.

We deal with manufacturing the first prototypes as well as low-volume production using our own development facilities, and we cope with large series due to cooperation with external production companies. Thanks to an experienced team of engineers, we have the necessary knowledge to design a full-fledged product with the required functionality, ready for production. As part of the execution of orders, we prepare complete technical documentation in accordance with the latest project management standards. Using an in-house laboratory, we perform preliminary environmental and Pre Compliance EMC tests at every stage of design, thanks to which we quickly introduce the necessary modifications and we can guarantee that our projects meet European standards (CE certification procedure requirements). 

Designing electronics is our passion. As part of the project implementation, we provide our clients with:

  • complete electronics project (including diagrams, project files, PCB layout, gerber output files, PDF documentation, Pick and Place files and optimized BOM) 
  • complete source codes for the project

Provided documentation enables production of the designed equipment in any facility involved in the automated assembly of electronics.

Exa22 - Electronic systems design