EMC tests


Introduction of a new device in the European Union requires proof of the product's compliance with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of the EMC Directive and related standards.

Our laboratory has devices for the initial measurements of electromagnetic compatibility.

The EMC tests that we perform are:

  • Emission of conducted disturbances in the range of 9kHz-30MHz and 9kHz-200MHz
  • Emission of radiated disturbances in the range of 30MHz-3GHz
  • Conducted immunity in the range of 150kHz-80MHz
  • Radiated immunity in the range of 30MHz-1GHz
  • Resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Immunity to EFT / BURST disturbances (fast transients)
  • Voltage dips and blackouts
  • Measurement of current harmonics

We possess:

  • Spectrum analyzer 9kHz-3GHz RSA with RSA 40MHz mode and EMC / EMI options
  • Two-port vector analyzer with the range 30kHz-6GHz
  • Multichannel laboratory power supplies
  • AC / DC dielectric strength tester
  • Multichannel multimeter with a resolution of 6 ½ signs
  • Active load 300W
  • Multichannel oscilloscopes with a range up to 500MHz
  • Coupling clamps for injecting burst disturbances
  • LISN 5uH and 50uH impedance stabilizers
  • Low noise broadband amplifiers
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Biconical antenna for 30MHz-1GHz band
  • LPDA antenna for 400MHz-3GHz band
  • AC power supply with a capacity of 750VA
  • Current probes DC-50MHz
  • Logic analyzer

In order to meet the EMC requirements, the designer has to face the multifaceted phenomena in the first phase of design. When designing, it is required to apply rules in accordance with art. However, it does not guarantee the creation of a device meeting the emission standards. Carrying out simulations in specialized software is expensive and still often does not give good results that guarantee meeting the standards. Even devices designed in accordance with known practices and recommendations require tests that will confirm the compliance of the device with the standards.  

Therefore, engineering research in our laboratory becomes an indispensable part of the electronics designer's work and accompanies him at every stage of a project, providing guarantees and safety.

EMC tests require precise and expensive measuring equipment and highly qualified personnel. Therefore, EMC tests are usually outsourced to external laboratories.. In the initial stages of designing, the so-called pre-compliance tests are performed. The aim of the research is to perform initial measurements and analysis of electric signals and electromagnetic fields in and around the operating device. Our pre-compilance tests allow for a preliminary assessment of problems related to electromagnetic compatibility and revision of the design at an early stage, contributing to faster the product launch.

Exa22 - EMC tests