IoT systems


As a technological partner of many companies we are engaged in the design and development of dedicated software for autonomous electronic devices. Most of our projects are cloud solutions, that is those in which the devices created by us are connected via the Internet in one network and log data on their status, sales and environmental conditions to the database server on an ongoing basis.

We provide services in the field of designing embedded systems basing on ARM microcontrollers. We design IoT,control, measurement and monitoring systems, web applications for the current preview of devices and user interfaces. Transfer to the cloud is an indispensable element in the development of digital technology. The services offered by our team make it possible to effectively implement the various ideas of companies seeking support and development in this field.

Control systems

Control systems are often composed of one or more interacting electronic devices. In our business, we create control systems dedicated to the design of electronics and mechanics from scratch. We are also able to implement the most unusual solutions. The main part of our offer is the engineering software that operates on the controllers designed by us. Complementation of each project is the knowledge and commitment of our team, which always tries to provide the best possible solution. The implementation of a new solution and the success of your company is our motivation to act.

Why IoT systems?

Progress in computer development in the '80s and '90s in the miniaturization of embedded systems and radio communications led to the development of wireless sensor networks at the beginning of this century. These networks are made up of many tiny battery-powered devices that collect sensor data and send it to a cloud-based system. This initiated and inspired new opportunities in many areas:

  • wearables and personal metering
  • smart homes and buildings
  • smart cities and energy networks
  • intelligent industrial production and Industry 4.0
  • intelligent logistics and supply chains
  • Marketing 2.0

Nevertheless, the Internet of Things still has not grown out of adolescence and in the near future it will have even greater impact on our world than the initial applications we know today. We are here to bring your ideas to the heights of possibilities...

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