Rapid prototyping


Rapid Prototyping is a modern branch of engineering based on technologies developed at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, which not only revolutionized the manufacturing processes, but also enabled development of a new approach to the entire machine construction system. Thanks to the development of various 3D printing techniques, it is possible to quickly and cheaply build prototypes already at the stage of designing CAD models, which in turn allows for earlier verification of design criteria, and thus also faster delivery of the product to the customer.

At Exa22, we focus on a modern approach to design. After receiving an order from the customer, we create the first visualizations in the form of CAD models, which are immediately implemented in reality, thanks to the rapid prototyping methods. After manufacturing individual physical components, we also assemble entire machines in order to be able to present the customer finished, tested devices. Thanks to our own machines, we are always ready to introduce the necessary modifications or, if a given project meets the expectations, smoothly switch from unit production to serial production.

Why rapid prototyping?

  • Thanks to rapid prototyping, it is possible to verify the correctness of the structure faster. 
  • In 3D printing technologies, an increase in the complexity of an element does not significantly affect the manufacturing time.
  • The use of rapid prototyping methods increases the dynamics of the enterprise, enabling quick modifications of existing devices.
  • Due to physical prototypes, the customer can personally supervise the creation of the device at the initial stage of work.

In other words, Rapid Prototyping is an effective method to save time and money, both for the customer and the manufacturer.

Exa22 - Rapid prototyping